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3 Layer Face Mask that will make you smile!

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Cheerful, reusable, breathable, washable and comfortable face masks to help you to not touch your face

Did you know that on average we touch our face 16 to 20 times an hour? 

Stay protected and protect others in public transport, when you go out to buy food or go for a walk to keep active and healthy.

Covering your face help slow spread of diseases and the fun prints will brighten up your day!

The SPREADING HAPPINESS Face Masks are handmade and have 2 adjustable elastic straps.

For added comfort, the two elastic straps go over the head and neck and not over the ears (which can hurt if you need to wear the face mask for a long period of time).

Ready to ship

  • Triple layer handmade face mask using cotton (inner & outer layer) and polyester (middle layer) blends
  • Great shape to fit the face 
  • Fully lined with plain coloured fabric on the inside to know which side is in contact with the skin and to avoid confusion. You should always wear the face mask on the same side. 
  • The right way to wear your mask is with the fun print out - smiling is highly recommended under the mask :)
  • Machine wash your masks frequently (before first use and after each use)
  • Please be aware that these bright coloured masks are NOT surgical masks, they are not virus proof. They are only used to discourage you from touching your nose and mouth.

Stay safe, keep healthy and spread happiness only!