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TROPICAL FRUITS - Large Tropical Reversible Storage Basket Plant Pot Cover 20cm

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Colourful tropical themed basket featuring dragon fruit, papaya, passion fruit and banana.

Indoor plants look gorgeous in these decorative baskets and so does clutter!

Whether you're after a bright and colourful planter for your indoor jungle, a special gift for a loved one or a cheerful and practical storage basket to declutter and organise a room, this tropical fruit themed basket was made for you.

Do you love colourful tropical home decor?

The TROPICAL FRUITS Basket features colourful dragon fruit, papaya, banana, dragon fruit and passion fruit.

Perfect for adding a pop of colour and a touch of fun to a kitchen, bathroom, living room or for organising toys in a kids room, playroom or fruit themed Nursery. 

Brighten up a good friend's day or treat yourself today!

The 20cm fabric basket looks awesome displayed on its own, with a plant or you can mix and match with more large reversible baskets to organise clutter in a bookshelf or cube shelving unit like the famous Kallax from IKEA.

Keep your fabric plant pot cover clean and dry

To avoid overwatering, simply add a saucer or a plastic pot with no drainage hole inside of the fabric basket.

If you don't have one, add our 18cm plastic pot to cart and save yourself a trip to your local garden centre!

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  • Reversible and sturdy square storage/planter basket
  • Featuring bright and colourful dragon fruit, papaya, passion fruit and banana fabric pattern with beige lining
  • Contrasting top can be left unfolded or folded as low as you like
  • Dimensions (when top unfolded): W20cm x H30cm x D20cm
  • The large reversible basket fits perfectly any cube storage shelves (e.g. KALLAX)
  • Designed and handmade in Australia with 100% cotton fabric
  • Fully lined (contains interfacing for structure)
  • Can be used as storage or as plant pot cover
  • Designed for 18cm plastic plant pots but will fit up to 21cm pots
  • 18cm clear pot available too (sold separately) to avoid overwatering and keep your basket clean 
  • The fabric basket is not waterproof

 Please note that each basket is unique, position of fabric may vary slightly.

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