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Clear Plastic Pot For Plant Pot Cover - 18cm

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Keep your new fabric plant pot cover clean and make watering (and your life!) a lot easier

Save yourself a trip to your local garden centre, and start displaying (or gifting!) your favourite indoor plants in your cheerful plant pot covers straight away.

We all agree that plants make people happy, right? But sometimes overwatering accidents happen and all the easily avoidable cleaning that follows is boring...

This clear plastic pot is not a revolutionary solution but being a plant addict myself (and a rather clumsy one at times, haha!) I know that just using a small dish or saucer inside fabric planters is not as effective.

That's why using a clear plastic pot instead will make watering your plants a breeze.

Stop worrying about water drops (or worse, soil everywhere) and simply add this plastic pot in your new fabric plant pot cover to avoid overwatering and keep enjoying your cheerful and growing plant corner for years to come!