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Square Tissue Box Cover - HAPPY RAINBOW

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The Rainbow Tissue Box Cover: A Burst of Colours for Your Tissues

Say goodbye to dull, monochrome tissue boxes. Meet our rainbow square tissue box cover, an accessory that's all about spreading joy and happiness.

This isn't just a square tissue box cover, it's a party for your tissues!

Our dopamine decor design guarantees a smile every time you reach out for a tissue.

What's life without a splash of colour? Shop our Rainbow Tissue Box Cover today and add that much-needed pop of positivity to your life! 

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  • Modern, durable and sturdy rainbow fabric tissue box cover
  • Easy to cover your box of tissues and hide those unsightly boxes
  • Featuring happy rainbow fabric pattern on white background
  • Fits small Coles home brand and Kleenex tissue boxes
  • Dimensions: H12.5cm x W11.5cm x D10.5cm
  • Handmade in Australia with 100% cotton fabric 
  • The steel hole at the top makes it so the tissues don't get stuck and won't fall back in

Please note that each tissue box cover is unique, position of fabric may vary slightly.


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