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Rectangular Tissue Box Cover - DOGS GALORE

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  • $46.00
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Cute dog themed tissue box cover to hide those unsightly tissue boxes!

This handcrafted tissue box cover is perfect for the dog parent and all dog lovers. With its dog-themed pattern and grey tones, it will be a delightful addition to any household. An ideal quirky gift for animal lovers!

This tissue box cover is designed to fit standard rectangular tissue boxes without difficulty for a neat and tidy look.

Featuring a delightful 'Dogs Galore' pattern, it will be right at home in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, and kids room. 

Enjoy a truly unique home décor item that’s sure to bring a smile to your face!

Made to order, please allow up to 1-2 weeks to be made

  • Modern, durable, sturdy and functional dog-themed tissue box cover with ring opening
  • Easy to cover your box of tissues and hide those unsightly boxes
  • Fun and practical gift for dog lovers
  • Great addition to the kids bedroom, on the desk and in the bathroom
  • Handmade in Australia with 100% cotton fabric
  • Tissue box cover dimensions : W22cm x H10cm x D12cm
  • Fits most regular boxes of tissues like Sorbent, Confidence, Kleenex Everyday and Quilton tissues. Made to fit W22cm x H9.5 x D11.5cm box of tissues
  • The steel hole at the top makes it so the tissues don't get stuck and won't fall back in

Please note that each tissue box cover is unique, position of fabric may vary slightly.


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